About Us

Dance Dimensions is a dance studio offering a wide variety of dance lessons for beginner thru advanced students.  We offer classes for both children and adults featuring instruction in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, jazz funk, & tumbling. We also offer Zumba classes!

Founded in 1999, Dance Dimensions was designed to give a fun, positive, complete dance education to all dancers for all ages.

Dance Dimensions was founded by Karen Walco and her former partner in 1999.  It was always Karen’s dream to be a dance teacher.  When being provided with the ability to open her own studio, she rose to the occasion.  She was excited to provide a dance school with a positive, fun, caring environment.  Along with the values of teaching responsibility, commitment, dedication, discipline, and self worth through dance.  As time past she was able to provide a state of the art facility along with a professional staff of instructors.  Her goal is to be the best she can be and provide a great place for all of her dance families.

Dance Dimensions Mission

 We want to help children become the best they can be by empowering them to be goal-oriented and disciplined learners through DD’s dance curriculum.  It is our vision and competitive mission to give our students not only quality dance instruction, including various exposures to world famous guest artists, but to teach life skills that prepare them for real world experiences.

Dance Dimensions dance programs enhance our student’s lives by providing: leadership and team-work opportunities; a positive-attitude approach  to life challenges; productive work-ethic skills; and community service learning experiences. These developmental attributes are consistently incorporated into our dance classes.  We believe this gives our students strengthened self-esteem and increased self-confidence.  As a result, our students learn through dance that hard work, practice, and discipline give them the tools that are necessary to experience success in all aspects of their lives.

Dance Dimensions Prides Itself for having a Spacious, Clean, Up to Date Dance Facility in Albany, NY

Dance Dimensions is located in a state of the art, 7,000 square-foot facility, conveniently located in Albany, NY.  DD occupies 4 dance rooms where each dance floor utilizes either custom wood flooring or marley floor.  Beyond the dance rooms, our studio is equipped with private dressing rooms, a kitchen area and a lounge room to watch tv, eat or do homework.  There are observation areas outside of each dance room where parents can watch their child dance.   In each observation area we have cubbies for the dancers to leave all of their belongings while they are dancing.  DD also has a boutique where items such as shoes, tights, t-shirts, stickers, hair clips, food, snacks and drinks can be purchased.