Hello, We would like to thank you for a great year in dance as well as the zoom option. My daughter really enjoyed participating through zoom.  I hope that the numbers continue to allow dance in the fall as my daughter did enjoy it. I’d like to also take this time to praise Ms Hailey. She was really great with the kids and an excellent teacher. 

Thank you,
TE Colonie

Hi Karen,  This is my daughter’s second year in ballet and pointe at your studio.  We love it there and have recommended it to our friends. They have had there daughter join in a jazz class and have also mentioned how impressed they are are with the studio!  Last year at the performance I was amazed at all of the dancers and each number. 
Thank you for everything!
CR Watervliet

Hello, I just want to say thank you and I appreciate everything you do. This is such a difficult time and it’s so hard to navigate this process. No need to respond here I just want you to know I understand your dedication and the hard work you do. We will do whatever it takes to help keep DD and our team afloat. 
AC Cairo

Hi Karen- I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my daughter.  The kindness you have shown her and the amazing instruction.  Dance makes her so happy and that is a tribute to you.  Thank you also for the very generous scholarship!  You are wonderful and run a top notch studio!
C.S. Colonie

Hi Ms. Karen, The recital was wonderful. You do a terrific job. You are so very talented. It is a pleasure taking my daughter to your studio. You are so organized, and the dances & costumes are always complete & ready well in advance of the recital. I can’t tell you how great that is for the girls & parents. Have a great summer.
CW Glenmont

Karen,  being there for my daughter has made her love her experience at your school.  You have helped her confidence get higher and much more.  Thank you!  It takes a village to raise a child.  I know you understand that.
Thank you,
JU Niskayuna

Karen, you are the best.! You are so kind considerate, giving, thoughtful. I appreciate you! Words could never express the depth of gratitude I have for you AND tell your boys and Mr. Walco I say THANK YOU! Seriously you could have easily gracefully bowed out of this one and just spent time with family like many of us are. Yet they continue to share you with our families and you continue to show up! I get emotional at the thought of your commitment to our children. You are a “WOW MOM” (punt intended!LOL) so I am sure you know how good it feels when someone genuinely invests time and love into your children! THANK YOU!  Please share my sentiments of gratitude to the other teachers as well! DD has an amazing set of teachers! THANK YOU ALL!
SL Menands

Hello Karen,  I just wanted to thank you for a great 3 years at DD!!!  My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time with your studio!  She always felt appreciated and had a great time there.  She had many stories to tell which were interesting to listen too!!  I was so thankful to have met you that day at Ando’s, just when my daughter needed to make a change!!  You do make a difference in these kids lives!!  ( and us parents as well, as you lead our children)  I wish you all the best in the years to come!
Thank you again,
MC Colonie

Karen,  Thank you so much for helping them to dance remotely during this quarantine   I know my daughter looks forward to it as I am sure the other girls do also. 
CR Watervliet

Karen, Thank you so much for teaching me dance all of these years. You have been a wonderful influence in my life! Thank you for everything. I will always remember you!
JB Ravena

Miss Karen, I tried  to catch you after the recital, but it was too crazy lol! I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you so very much for awarding my daughter with her scholarship! We were so surprised, and it meant so much to her, and to all of us! We absolutely love you, and her experiences at Dance Dimensions have been nothing but amazing! Honestly, she doesn’t always believe in herself when it comes to some things, and being awarded that scholarship really made her feel amazing! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts! 

C.C. Colonie

Miss Sydney,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the work you did with my daughter. You’re an amazing teacher and have amazing patience with them.

N.O. Colonie

Miss Karen,  I just wanted to take a moment and thank you (and Miss Dee and Haley too) for the past three years of dance classes. I truly wish I started off at Dance Dimensions, but I’m so happy I was able to spend my final years at your studio. I always felt so welcomed not only by you, but by all staff members, dancers, and parents. You treated everyone fairly, which I was not accustomed to. I enjoyed every class that I had with you, and appreciate the fact that you allowed us to go off on tangents, and let us offer our input on costumes, song choices, and even choreography. Congratulations on twenty years, you have created a beautiful business that I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to experience. I’ll miss all our conversations and laughs. Thank you for helping me discover my love for dance again.  I will be back to visit and give you a hard time. 
Thanks again,


SC Colonie


  1. I love the portal.   I like that it shows me classes she missed and I like being able to pay online!
  2. I REALLY like that you have us go into the class to record the steps.  That was never an option last year with previous teachers.  It really helps my daughter feel more confident when she comes to class!
  3. The atmosphere at your studio is very comfortable and welcoming.  I truly enjoy being there while my daughter is dancing.  Your staff has ALWAYS been friendly and knowledgeable!
  4. My daughter absolutely LLLOOOOVVVEEEESSS her tap and jazz class.  She WILL NOT miss that class!  This year she has really become much more confident dancing and has been working hard to overcome her anxiety.  She was getting upset  in the beginning of the year because she couldn’t remember the steps and didn’t have much confidence in herself, but then you had us record and she practiced at home and everything changed!  She has a lot more confidence in herself and that is a beautiful thing to see since it has been a struggle for so long.  I know that my daughter doesn’t feel comfortable around many adults as it takes her a while to get to know them, but at your studio, there has never been a time where she hasn’t felt comfortable with her instructors.  They are kind, patient, and dedicated.  The teachers have been great!  You have done an amazing job, and thank you!  I love that my daughter has found something she really enjoys!
  5. I truly appreciate you.  One of the many reasons your studio is such a success.  You truly have a strong dedication to and it’s not just because it’s a business…it looks like you love what you do and that’s why it is such a success!  Keep doing what you are doing! 

Thanks again for all you do!

MG Albany